Cloud-based Websites, Maps, Data Visualisation and AI

Baostream is a company specialising in bespoke website development. We have particular expertise in maps and data capture/analysis. Take a look at SpotReg.

We are based in Lusaka, Zambia.


Read what we've been thinking about on our blog. In his latest article our head of development talks about digital transformation.

What we do

We help ambitious businesses grow and become more profitable by developing the solutions they need.
With a strong custom software solution, you'll be able to acquire more customers without needing more staff to implement the sales.


Expert database designers using any relational or no-sql DB. Data-cleansing, consolidation, parsing, merging, extracting. We do it all.


Using any of the main map providers we can display your data any way you like. From basic markers and geojson geometries to complex choropleths, we've got you covered.


We create fast and distinct websites using the latest development techniques.


All our work is cloud based using the top cloud providers. Automatic scaling, resilience, security and backup are all handled for you.

Baostream audited our business processes and pointed out numerous logical flaws and improvements that could be made. We're now operating at a much more efficient level

John Phiri
CEO at Optimal Healthcare

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